Residential Rehab

Research shows that the treatment program most likely to help individuals maintain long-term recovery is residential rehab. At Newsong Recovery, we believe each person’s path to recovery differs. Our treatment and support services for substance use disorders and mental health issues are tailored to fit.  

The goal of the residential treatment program at Newsong Recovery is to help our patients achieve and maintain recovery from addiction. It is during this time that our patients are given the message that there is hope and that recovery from substance use is possible. Through our expert, compassionate care, we provide our patients with a solid foundation from which to build a fulfilling life in recovery.

Why Residential Rehab vs. Outpatient Treatment?

Research shows best outcomes occur with longer durations of treatment. Residential treatment, in particular, is often more helpful because it allows individuals to stay in treatment long enough to emerge with the highest level of confidence in their newly learned skills and tools for remaining in recovery.

Where low-intensity programs offer little more than drug education, residential treatment programs provide 24-hour care and offer a breadth of services that are more likely to help clients develop capabilities and tools to stay in recovery well after leaving the program.

How Does Our Residential Treatment Program Work?

Newsong Recovery’s residential treatment program is closely supervised by a team of professionals with more than 35 years of experience using the latest evidence-based approaches to treat the whole person, not just their substance use. 

At Newsong Recovery, your residential treatment will begin with a comprehensive assessment to determine the most effective treatment services based on your substance use and any associated medical, psychological, social, vocational, and legal problems as well as your age, gender, ethnicity, and culture. Our team of board-certified addiction specialists will work with you to create a personalized recovery plan comprised of multiple service components, which could include:

● Individual counseling

● Group counseling

● Family and couples counseling

● 12-step fellowship

● Social model programming

● Christian track programming

To create a successful outcome, your residential treatment will be finely tailored to your own unique, specific needs.

Ready to get help?

Newsong Recovery offers complimentary consultations with our team of board-certified addiction specialists. To learn more about our comprehensive treatment program and our individualized approach to whole-person recovery, call us now. 

There is hope. Recovery is possible.

“There is hope. You can build a fulfilled life in recovery.”

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