Methamphetamine Detox in Huntington Beach

Crystal meth, also known as methamphetamine, is a stimulant that addicts frequently binge on. Often these binges are followed by periods of withdrawal. Stimulants are associated with withdrawal symptoms that differ markedly from those seen in opioid, alcohol, and benzodiazepine dependence. 

Meth detox often begins quickly and might last months, years, or even decades. However, addiction treatment can help. Newsong Recovery’s meth detox in Huntington Beach helps those who are struggling with methamphetaimine addiction.

The goal of methamphetamine detox in Huntington Beach is to manage the drug cravings and emotional turmoil associated with withdrawal while providing the highest degree of comfort and support. 

A Safer Detox

A person suffering from meth withdrawal usually does not experience extreme medical danger or intense discomfort. Instead, withdrawal symptoms are primarily psychological and emotional, with several associated physical symptoms, including:

● Depression

● Fatigue and insomnia

● Irritability and anxiety

● Poor concentration

● Increased appetite

● Paranoia

● Drug craving

The risk of depression and negative thoughts, which may include suicidal ideas or attempts, make methamphetamine detoxification under the care of a medical detox essential. 

Why Methamphetamine Is Addictive

Unfortunately, 4.9% of all Americans in 2019 reported using meth at some point in their lifetime.  Meth addiction is common, but recovering from it isn’t as prevalent. Long-term recovery, however, is possible for those who set their mind to it and seek the right treatment. 

Doctors and professionals don’t prescribe meth the way that they prescribe opioids. Methamphetamine addiction happens because of the high it produces and becomes exceptionally addictive due to its effects on brain chemicals. When someone uses meth, a high begins that comes as quickly as it leaves. Eventually, a tolerance to the drug is built up and in order to receive a high a larger dose must be taken. 

Dangers of Methamphetamine Withdrawal

Although methamphetamine withdrawal mostly isn’t directly life-threatening, its side effects can be. For example, suicidal ideations increase when the notorious dopamine and serotonin high from meth begin to wane.

Aside from the fact that methamphetamine addiction can accentuate certain mental disorders during detox, it can also indirectly lead to mortality. For example, fever dehydration, and nausea sometimes stress the body so heavily that death becomes a possibility. 

Amidst meth use, strokes and convulsions may occur, often leading to death or permanent psychological or physical damage. Using any external substance has its dangers, but meth use especially can take a large toll on someone’s body and brain. 

Meth Detox In Huntington Beach

What to Expect During Meth Detox

Newsong Recovery’s meth detox program is closely supervised by a team of physicians with more than 35 years of experience using the latest evidence-based approaches to manage the symptoms of withdrawal.

At Newsong Recovery, your detox will begin with a comprehensive assessment to determine the most effective detox protocols based on your substance use history, medical history, and individual needs. Our physicians and mental health professionals will provide necessary psychological support and care during detox to help eliminate risks and manage the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal while also improving comfort and stability. 

Most of our clients complete meth detox within three to seven days. However, there is no set time frame for achieving a full detox. For some, the process will only take hours or days. For others, it may take weeks to completely clear rid the body of the drug. To achieve a successful outcome, your detox process will be finely tailored to your individual needs.

Start the Process Now

Newsong Recovery offers complimentary consultations with our team of board-certified physicians. To learn more about our comprehensive treatment program and to discuss participating in meth detox and substance use treatment, call us now.

“There is hope. You can build a fulfilled life in recovery.”