Suboxone Detox in Huntington Beach

Suboxone, which contains buprenorphine and naloxone, is a medication used to treat opioid dependence. Despite its effectiveness, suboxone can also be addictive and produce similar withdrawal effects to other opioids. Newsong Recovery’s Huntington Beach suboxone detox can help those who are struggling with suboxone withdrawal. 

The goal of suboxone detox in Huntington Beach is to manage the physical and mental changes that occur in the brain and body after long-term Suboxone use while providing the highest degree of comfort and support. 

A Safer Detox

Without medical supervision, a person suffering from Suboxone withdrawal can experience symptoms that, although not medically dangerous, can be highly unpleasant and produce intense discomfort. Symptoms include:

● Anxiety

● Insomnia

● Depression

● Hypertension

● Rapid heart rate

● Muscle spasms

● Impaired respiration

● Difficulty feeling pleasure

● Drug cravings

Someone with a history of mental illness or previous opioid withdrawal may have a more intense withdrawal experience. For example, depression may lead someone to consider suicide, making Suboxone detoxification under the care of qualified detoxification medical professionals absolutely essential.

What to Expect in Suboxone Detox

Newsong Recovery’s Suboxone detox program is closely supervised by a team of physicians with more than 35 years of experience using the latest evidence-based approaches to manage the symptoms of withdrawal.

At Newsong Recovery, your detox will begin with a comprehensive assessment to determine the most effective detox protocols based on your opioid history, medical history, and individual needs. Our physicians will use safe and effective medications to help eliminate risks and manage the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal while also improving comfort and stability. 

suboxone detox

Most of our clients complete detox within three to seven days. However, there is no set time frame for detox to be completed. For some, the process will only take hours or days. For others, it may take weeks to completely clear the body of the drug. To create a successful outcome, your detox process will be finely tailored to your own unique, specific needs.

Start the Process Now

Newsong Recovery offers complimentary consultations with our team of board-certified physicians. To learn more about our comprehensive treatment program and to discuss detox and substance use treatment, call us now.

“There is hope. Recovery is possible.”